We make plastics circular

About us

We make impact

By challenging virgin plastics

We make impact in the most sustainable way. We want to be a frontrunner in the global challenge of making plastic packaging circular.

We sell high-grade plastic recyclate

We sell high-grade PP, HDPE and PET recyclate to packaging manufacturers and other users of plastics. We also inspire brands to switch to packaging-to-packaging recycling.

We inspire brands

By using our high-grade plastic recyclate, brands can create new products more sustainably. They can also incorporate the use of 100% recycled plastic in their messaging. This reinforces loyalty amongst consumers who increasingly want to buy from responsible brands.


By sharing our knowledge and making our Magnetic Density Separation system available, we make it possible to recycle all consumer plastic waste in the world. This recycled raw material (recyclate) will be available to buyers of virgin plastics.


The amount of plastic produced worldwide has an enormous carbon footprint. This seriously threatens our planet’s climate. There is already so much plastic in the world that can be reused as raw material that the production of virgin fossil based plastics is no longer necessary.



Research and development

We are innovative professionals

Our scientific mindset drives us to constantly improve the plastic recycling chain. Umincorp’s R&D department continuously optimizes our Magnetic Density Separation process. It also creates new technologies. We are currently developing deep flake sorting technology for small plastic particles. This will enable us to further increase our recovery rates, provide even higher-grade products and meet customer specific colour requirements. Our aim is to produce recycled plastics for specific polymer applications. Examples include extrusion-grade HDPE and blow-mould-grade HDPE.

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About us

Our founders

Jaap Vandehoek

Umincorp’s general manager studied resource engineering and recycling metallurgy at Delft University of Technology. He has a successful track record in process engineering and business development in the waste recycling and secondary metal industry.

“We want to be a major contributor to the circular economy for polymers with the lowest possible carbon emissions independent of fossil feedstocks.”

Jelle Sernee

Umincorp’s hands-on, all-round project catalyst. He has a master’s degree in resource and recycling engineering from Delft University of Technology. He is the main driving force behind Plastic Recycling Amsterdam.

The Umincorp history







Professor Peter Rem of Delft University of Technology came up with the idea of developing and marketing Magnetic Density Separation (MDS) technology in 2005.

Umincorp was founded in 2012 to do just that.

After pilot testing and proof of concept, the founders brought together the technical expertise needed to scale the process to an industrial level. This was achieved in 2019.

By 2020, full operation started in Amsterdam. The company holds patents on all crucial aspects of MDS technology and is continuously improving recycled polymer engineering.

Opening our new plant in Rotterdam.

We will see what the future holds…