We make plastics circular

We are

Of a new circular world


by challenging virgin plastics

in the most sustainable way

and we want to be famous

for tackling the worldwide challenge

to make plastic circular

About Umincorp

We make plastics circular

Imagine… A world without plastic waste. Is that possible? Absolutely! If we treat plastic in a smarter way. By recovering and reusing it, plastic becomes a raw material. A resource for a thriving circular economy.

A journey to zero waste

The Umincorp process

Umincorp receives plastic waste from waste processors and municipalities. After shredding it, removing contaminants and washing it, we cut this waste into flakes, each of which consists of one type of plastic. The flakes are then separated into different plastic types using Magnetic Density Separation technology. This process recovers 90% of the plastic and is 75% more cost-effective than current recycling methods. The result is PP, HDPE, PS and PET of such high quality and purity, it can be used directly in new end products as an alternative to virgin plastic.

Making the difference

Magnetic Density Separation

Umincorp’s patented Magnetic Density Separation (MDS) uses strong magnets in combination with a unique ferro fluid that separates heterogeneous input flows based on the density of each individual particle. The magnetically responsive fluid works with the magnets to create a gradient with different densities at different heights in the fluid.

Particles flow through the density field, with light particles floating to the surface while heavier particles are suspended below at different depths according to their density. By setting splitters in the right positions, the different particle densities are separated producing pure materials in a single process.


We make impact

July 2023

Umincorp benoemt Arjen Wittekoek tot general manager

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July 2023

Umincorp brengt plastic recyclingketen volledig in eigen beheer dankzij nieuwe investeringen

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February 2023

Umincorp is a new member of NRK Recycling

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November 2022

Umincorp makes plastic food packaging from household waste. 'The Netherlands is behind the times.'

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November 2022

No time to waste - opening new rPET factory Rotterdam

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