Magnetic Density Separation (MDS) technology can be used for a wide range of industries, where separation makes the difference.

Household packaging plastics is 40-60% of all plastics in the world and the composition with HDPE, PP, PET, and PS of this mix is the perfect match for our MDS technology. 


The largest MDS application is separating rigid plastic packaging waste. Our accurate sorting process can double the recovery rate. In one process steps it sorts mixed plastic flakes into separate flows for PP, HDPE and PET.  This concept operates at a lower cost and higher selectivity than state-of-the-art technologies.




Our plant at Plastic Recycling Amsterdam produces r-PP, r-HDPE and r-PET flakes. The flakes are hot and cold washed and dry. Please contact us if you are interested.


        PP                HDPE                   PET

Based on customer requirements, we can convert the produced flakes to a wide variety of coloured compounds.

We have available from our plant in Amsterdam (PRA):
                        HDPE                                                      PP



Umincorp has in-house production of Ferrofluid. This can be sold commercially. Please contact us if you are interested.


We are developing yarns from HDPE and PET together with partners. From our r-HDPE we can make monofilament yarns. From our r-PET we have succeeded to make multifilament yarns. Opening up the post household waste as a resource for sustainable yarns, is a mayor step forward. Food -grade r-PET (from PET bottles) is now the source to make yarns ( a non-food-applications).

                       HDPE yarns                                                   PET yarns
The major MDS application for polymers is household packaging waste