We make plastics circular


We produce high-grade plastic recyclate

Separating rigid plastic packaging waste is the most significant application for Magnetic Density Separation. Our sorting process doubles the recovery rate of plastic waste. One process step sorts mixed plastic flakes into separate flows for PP, HDPE and PET. In addition, it does it at a lower cost and with higher accuracy than other technologies.


Umincorp PP is typically used for non-food-grade injection moulding applications. Available in several colors.


Umincorp produces different grades of recycled HDPE for blow moulding and injection moulding. Available in several colors. These products are characterized by high molecular weight with easy colourability and good processing properties. They are typically used to make bottles and containers for personal care and household products as well as industrial liquids. They are also used for extruded items like pipes, profiles, and wire and cable jacketing. These plastics are not approved for food, pharmaceutical, medical, or portable water applications.


Umincorp PET is typically used for sheet, fibre, strapping band and packaging applications. Umincorp is recovering PET from trays, blisters and bottles.

MDS-rPET granules

Our innovative colour sorting and PET compounding plant in Rotterdam harbour produces PET granules according to customer requirements. The first food tray packaging-to-packaging based on Umincorp PET has been available in Albert Heijn supermarkets since February 2022 in corporation with Royal Hordijk.