We make plastics circular
February 2023

Umincorp is a new member of NRK Recycling

Umincorp has joined NRK Recycling to join forces with other Dutch recyclers, focusing on speeding up legislation that promotes the application of recyclate in plastic products. Because of our unique way of working, we are involved in virtually the entire recycling chain. As a result, we know the opportunities and challenges of each step in that chain and can thus contribute to a strong Dutch recycling industry.

“At Umincorp Polymers, we are keen to be at the forefront of the global challenge of turning plastic into a circular resource. By using smart technology in the separation and recycling process, we extract a lot of value from a bag of household waste. At the same time, the production of virgin plastic is still increasing, with all its consequences. By joining NRK recycling, we can work together to make the industry more sustainable, pass legislation that encourages recycling, and reduce CO2 emissions to reduce the impact of plastic production on our planet.”

Arjen Wittekoek (COO)