Moving forward

Umincorp is constantly looking to challenge the status quo in the world of plastic recycling. Challenging gets us one step closer in realizing our goal: Reaching mass circularity of polymers


December 2018

We are very keen to announce today an investment by Ingka Group in Umincorp. The investment enables Umincorp to take the next step in making the Magnetic Density Separation sorting solution for post-consumer mixed plastics available to a wider market. We continue working on new complementary sorting technologies. See press release in EN or NL.

November 2018

Chairman Pieter Zevenbergen from Afvalfonds, the Dutch Organisation who is repsonsible for the plastic chain in the Netherlands, mentioned in an article: "I have high expectation from Magnetic Density Separation and that this technology can separate our plastic mix up to higher purities"

November 2018

Dutch Television broadcaster NTR made a Focus documentary to see where our Dutch household plastic waste ends up in the plastic chain and why the Netherlands has still a low recycling percentage. NTR visited Umincorp as we are able to tackle this challenge with our unique Magnetic Density Separation (MDS) Technology. Our MDS technology creates value by recycling mixed plastic streams directly into separated polymer groups with a purity up to 100% in one process step doing 1.5t/hr. The Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic output of our process can be directly used in end products.

February 2018

On 26th of February, Umincorp has become a launching patner of Plastic Whale Circular Furniture. Together with The Plastic Whale ( we have started the development of furniture based on post consumer plastics.

On 21-22 February, the first 3D printed public bench made from Umincorp circular HDPE flakes has been presented by The New Raw ( on the FRAME LAB Exhibition in Amsterdam. As a result from the high HDPE puriy of 99-100%, the flakes were directly fed in the printing robot with a great result! The XXX bench from The New Raw is also presented at the Material Xperience in Ahoy Rotterdam at 13-15 March 2018.

January 2018

The Blue Deal news item of 31st of January 2018.
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'Plastic: ramp of zegen?'

Nu de Europese Commissie als doel heeft gesteld om in 2030 al het plastic verpakkingsmateriaal te recyclen is er werk aan de winkel. Bijna de helft (40 %) van alle geproduceerde plastic wordt gebruikt in de verpakkingsindustrie. [..] 

January 2018

NOS news item Monday 15th of January 2018.
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'Is het nu echt nodig om 250 verschillende soorten plastic te gebruiken?'

January 2018

Nationaal Groenfonds
'Innovaties Urban Mining geven boost aan circular economy.' 
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'Innovaties Urban Mining geven boost aan circulaire economie'

kunststof recycling

Urban Mining Corp gebruikt een innovatieve techniek om hoogwaardige grondstoffen uit plastic afval te produceren. Een demo-installatie, waarin magnetische vloeistof verschillende soorten plastic scheidt, draait inmiddels volledig. Er wordt ook hard gewerkt aan een vervolgtechnologie: het op kleur scheiden van plastics.

15-01-2018 15:35 | DOOR: JOYCE DE THOUARS