We do it already

The Magnetic Density Separation technology is successfully being applied commercially on an industrial scale to different flows for different customers in a factory in the Netherlands.

​Currently, we are running 24 hours a day and producing an output purity of 99%. 


Our disruptive plastic recycling process, including the patented MDS, is running at a full industrial scale at Plastic Recycling Amsterdam.
25 Million kg of post-household plastic packaging waste is being recycled here per year. This is the plastic waste of 1 million inhabitants.
The input is originating from the grey bag households throw away. After a first sorting step at an MRF, the plastics out of this waste enter our facility.
After sorting, shredding, washing, and the MDS, dry, clean, and accurately sorted PP, HDPE and PET flakes leave the factory.

Plastic Recycling Amsterdam

Umincorp is a founding partner of Plastic Recycling Amsterdam (PRA). PRA is a joint venture with Milieu Service Nederland.

The input is originating from the grey bag with all household waste together, collected at the curbside. In an MRF (material recovery facility) this grey bag is being separated: glass with glass, metals with metals, and rigid plastic with rigid plastic. This last flow is the input of Plastic Recycling Amsterdam.

Thanks to the disruptive process the plant recovers more plastics and the output reaches a higher purity. This enables a real circular plastic economy, so a shampoo bottle can become a new shampoo bottle again.  

Milieu Service Nederland (MSN)

Milieu Service Nederland arranges waste management for customers throughout the Netherlands. The starting point is offering excellent customer service, with a focus on saving costs, sustainability, and good service.