We tackle the worldwide challenge to make plastic packaging circular, 
safeguarding the planet for future generations.

Umincorp has developed a disruptive plastic recycling process. Our process can turn your old shampoo bottle into a new one.

Seems so logical and easy. Why are we the firsts doing so?


Each second 1 million new plastic items are produced.
After a short lifetime, it becomes waste, of which only 5% are actually somewhat recycled.
We are suffocating the earth!

Plastic plays an important role in our daily lives; it’s used in relation to our phones, food, housing, and clothes.
The plastic chain is far from circular.
Significant changes in recycling processes are needed to reduce the impact of plastics.

The mismanagement of plastic waste leads to severe environmental and health issues.
Each minute a garbage truck of plastic waste leaks into seas and rivers.

The Umincorp process is the solution to stop this.


The plastic problem is outpacing our ability to manage it. Plastic recycling should turn plastic waste into a valuable resource, serving the environment and society. We enforce the needed change by providing state of art plastic recycling technologies.


We won’t stop before everybody who touches plastic, has touched our technology. As our recycling approach realizes plastics to cost less for society and be more sustainable.

Our patented MDS technology is the solution for plastic waste


​Umincorp is established in 2012 to develop and market its new, unique, and patented Magnetic Density Separation (MDS) technology. The idea was born in 2005 under the lead of Professor Peter Rem at the Delft University of Technology.

Umincorp holds patents on all crucial aspects of MDS technology. Umincorp performs continuous R&D to optimize the processes and improve recycled polymer engineering. 

Frontrunner towards mass circularity

The Founders

Jelle Sernee is Umincorp’s hands-on all-around project catalyst. He holds a masters’ degree from the University of Delft in resource and recycling engineering. He has been the main driving force behind the construction of Plastic Recycling Amsterdam.

Jaap Vandehoek is Umincorp’s general manager. Educated in resource engineering and recycling metallurgy, Jaap has engaged successfully in process engineering and business development in the waste recycling and secondary metal industry.

In 2008, Jaap and Jelle founded Inashco (now Blue Phoenix Group). Under their management, the company, with a disruptive technology for bottom ash recycling,  grew from laboratory scale to a main market player.



  Jelle Sernee                     Jaap Vandehoek

Innovation is the heart of our technology